Deep Tissue Massage

30, 60, or 90 Minutes


Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Deep Tissue Massage, a step beyond our renowned Swedish Massage. This specialized treatment employs deliberate, slow strokes and firm pressure to alleviate deep-seated tension and target muscles beneath the surface. Ideal for those seeking relief from persistent pain and muscle soreness, Deep Tissue Massage effectively addresses discomfort in both major and minor muscle groups. Discover a revitalizing solution tailored to your needs.

What time should I arrive for my massage?

Please arrive at least 15min prior to your scheduled time to complete the necessary paperwork. Here at Aislinn we offer a complimentary relaxing aesthetic and massage lounge for our guests to enjoy. We welcome you to come early & enjoy a soothing cup of tea while relaxing in quiet & tranquility prior to your massage.

How much hands-on massage time can I expect?

Each massage starts with a five-minute consultation with your massage therapist to tailor your massage to your personal preferences. The consultation is followed by 25 minutes, 55 minutes, or 85 minutes of hands-on massage time, depending on the length of massage time you booked.


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