Miami Peel

Miami Peel


Intense Pulse Light & 20 Micron Peel

Lightens the skin and inhibits pigment production.

What is it?

Miami Peel is a 2-step Laser Peel that resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin. Miami Peel can be customized to match your skin conditions and desired outcome.

How does it work?

The first step of a Miami Peel consists of an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment. This step addresses any pigment concerns. The second step is a 20 micron MicroLaserPeel, which is a resurfacing process, adjusted to varying degrees, specific to each individual patient.

What conditions can be treated?

The Miami Peel is great for treating everything from fine lines and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and age spots. You will be left with a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.

How may treatments will I need?

Typically only 1 treatment is needed, but certain problem areas may require additional treatments.

What will happen during the procedure?

Upon arrival, you will be asked to free your skin of any make-up or lotions. A topical numbing cream will then be applied and allowed to sit on the skin for 30 minutes. Your eyes will be protected with safety shields. The physician will position the laser handpiece above the skin and will hold it in place as the computer-guided scanner moves the laser beam around the treatment area. On average, this process takes 20-30 minutes.

Will it be uncomfortable?

Because a numbing cream is used, you should not have much discomfort. However, some patients experience a warm sensation and a feeling similar to that of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

What should I expect afterwards?

You will be given a recovery product to apply at home for a few days following the procedure. You may experience some redness and peeling of the skin, which can last up to a week.

How long is recovery time?

The recovery time depends on the depth of your peel, but for most patients, recovery is between 4 and 6 days.

What aftercare do I need?

In addition to the at-home recovery product, you will be asked to return to the clinic for a follow up visit in one week.

When should I expect results?

You should begin to see improvements in your skin texture after one week, with continued improvement over the next several weeks.

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